I’m a tech enthusiast, fascinated by Computer Science, and currently a Node.js developer. Apart from that, I’m also into roadtrips on cruisers.

I support open source ideology, projects and community. Find source code for this site here. 🙂


Software Developer at Smallcase [Nov 2017 - Present]

At Smallcase, I look after the order placement flow of smallcases to the existing integrations along with adding new integrations to the platform.

Apart from that I’m also responsible for the timely execution of scheduled housekeeping jobs on the servers.

Software Developer at Codebrahma [Apr 2016 - Oct 2017]

During my time at Codebrahma, I worked on various projects mostly in the Node.js realm. Projects ranged from mortgage settlement platform for a client in US to a generic game server for a popular mobile gaming client.

I got my hands dirty in Express, Hapi.js, Meteor, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Blaze, AWS Elasticbeanstalk, AWS Lambda, etc.


A Computer Science and Engineering graduate from SRM University, Chennai.


Reach out to me at me@tarunbatra.com.